New resources released: Earth Stations and Holding Space

October 30, 2021

New resources released: Earth Stations and Holding Space

Documents provide facilitators with the resources needed to plan and hold the space for a transformative 4.6km Deep Time Walk experience in their local community.

The Deep Time Walk Project is pleased to announce the release of two comprehensive new resources in draft form for community usage during the COP26 weekend of walks.

The first document is ‘Earth Stations – A Resource Guide for Planning a Deep Time Walk’. This guide helps facilitators of a Deep Time Walk to plan the content of a walk as they guide participants on a journey through 4.6bn years of Earth’s history. Put simply, Earth Stations are the recommended stopping points on a 4.6km Deep Time Walk, the place at which a facilitator can discuss with participants what happened at that point in Earth’s long history. In this content-rich and comprehensive document you will find helpful information for each Earth Station, covering aspects such as the learning objectives, the main narrative elements, a sample script, useful facts, potential group activities and supporting resources.

The second document is ‘Holding Space – A Guide to Organising and Facilitating a Deep Time Walk’. This guide will help facilitators consider the many different aspects of facilitating a Deep Time Walk in their local community and how this may be adapted for different cultures and geographies across the world. It includes things to consider before and after the walk, as well as how to care and nurture the inner and outer aspects of the group’s dynamics as they guide participants through deep time.

Both these documents are released under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial usage. We will be announcing the full release of these documents in 2022, along with three further resources: 1) a one-page summary timeline of the Earth Stations, 2) a set of crib sheets for facilitators to take on their walk as a supporting reference, and 3) a handout to provide to participants of facilitated walks.

If you would like to lead a Deep Time Walk, you will also find the resources available in our Field Kit useful. To be informed when these new resources are released, please join our newsletter at the foot of this page.