Conditions of Use

How the Deep Time Walk concept can be used in different settings

If you are using the Deep Time Walk in a commercial setting, we ask that you pay 10% fees to the Deep Time Walk NGO (for more information, read the terms below). As a not-for-profit, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following usage terms. We are grateful for your support to abide by these conditions in order to nurture a reciprocal Deep Time Walk community that is in service to life.

Deep Time Walk CIC has made a number of materials available that enable the Deep Time Walk concept to be experienced and spread across the world, including materials used in our training courses. These include the gift-economy Deep Time Walk App (available for iOS and Android), Deep Time Cards – Advanced Edition, Deep Time Line and Deep Time Script.

Deep Time Walk CIC grants the rights to use the Deep Time Walk with the associated materials without charge for use in a non-commercial setting, where the required attribution is also given (see Attribution below). You may therefore use the Deep Time Walk to lead walks that are free of charge to participants and where these have been led by unpaid volunteers. We kindly request that when leading a walk, you ask participants to donate to the Deep Time Walk Project via the Open Collective site and recommend obtaining the Deep Time Line bookmarks to give as a memento for participants. You can also use the materials as a teacher within a school setting, even if you are paid. If you are being paid to lead a Deep Time Walk or using it within an organisation or university, please see the rights granted in the section below as this is considered commercial usage.

Deep Time Walk CIC grants the rights to use the Deep Time Walk with the associated materials in a commercial setting to lead a Deep Time Walk experience but you must pay a fee of 10% of the total funds received for leading the experience (for example from fees charged to participants or a lump sum received by an organisation) and give the required attribution (see Attribution below).

These fees can be paid directly online via Open Collective, the third party-platform used for donations and payments.

FOR USE IN AN ORGANISATION (such as a company or university)
Deep Time Walk CIC grants the rights to use the Deep Time Walk with the associated materials inside an organisation or university but you must pay a per user fee for each participant and abide by the attribution rules below. This fee is set from €3 per person, with a sliding scale dependent on the size of the commercial organisation. Fees can be paid online via Open Collective. We welcome the opportunity for your organisation to become a trusted partner by obtaining an ongoing company-wide agreement which will help support the initiatives of the Deep Time Walk Project across the world. For more information on this, please contact us directly and we will be happy to send you further information.

As a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, our legal requirement is that all activities of the Deep Time Walk CIC must be carried out for the benefit of the community. This means that all funds received from these conditions of use are used exclusively to develop further materials for the Deep Time Walk Project and to seed the idea of the Deep Time Walk further across the world – adapting it for different languages, cultures and geographies.

We use the Open Collective platform to be transparent about all funds received by backers, supporters, commercial organisations and sponsors. This platform is also used to account for expenses paid out from the funds received, enabling an open and transparent insight in how your fees are being used.

For any walk given, attribution for the Deep Time Walk must be given to Stephan Harding and Sergio Maraschin, as well as reference Schumacher College and the Deep Time Walk Project. You must provide a website link to on any instructional, educational or marketing materials produced – whether in digital or physical form. You must also clearly acknowledge that in no way do any of the above entities or persons provide any endorsement to you or to the specific walk you are leading.

You may not add your company/organisation logo to the Deep Time Walk materials or logo/icons nor claim a partnership with the project, except with prior permission in writing from the Deep Time Walk Project.

The Deep Time Walk concept was co-created by Stephan Harding and Sergio Maraschin at Schumacher College and is a transformative experience that has affected many of the students on the post-graduate and short courses.

In 2016, in agreement with the Head of Schumacher College and the management team of the Dartington Hall Trust (charity number 279756), the legal entity of the Deep Time Walk CIC (Community Interest Company 10157502 – limited by guarantee) was constituted to help enable people across the world to experience the Deep Time Walk concept. This was done initially via the use of an specially created mobile application (now available on a gift-economy basis, with no advertising), as well as the creation of materials such as, but not limited to, the copyright Deep Time Cards, Deep Time Script and Deep Time Line which empower people to create their own Deep Time Walks. 

Deep Time Walk CIC has an legal ‘asset-lock’, which means all assets, resources and materials created by the Community Interest Company can never be sold on to a commercial organisation, they must instead be kept for the benefit of the community. Should the Deep Time Walk CIC be wound up, the ultimate owner of these assets is Schumacher College Foundation – a UK charity 1057915. The patron of the Deep Time Walk Community Interest Company is Satish Kumar, the founder of Schumacher College, who is also a director of the Schumacher College Foundation.



Can I make copies or scan the Deep Time Cards, Deep Time Line, Deep Time Script for educational or non-profit use?
No, these documents are released under copyright, and include images, illustrations and graphics which have specific contracts with third-party creators and artists. You may not make physical or digital copies of these resources, and they remain the copyright of Deep Time Walk CIC. You may, however, make full use of them to plan your walks and the content of the walks.


My company has commissioned a practitioner to lead a Deep Time Walk. Do I also need to pay the Deep Time Walk Project?
No, if you are paying an external consultant/practitioner to lead a Deep Time Walk, the consultant or practitioner will pay the fees due to the Deep Time Walk. If however, the walk is led by some internal to your organisation, you must pay the per participant fee (See: For use in an organisation above)


Can I translate the Deep Time Cards, or other materials for personal use?
No, you may not make any translation of the materials in the Field Kit that are under copyright. You may, however, translate the materials released under Creative Commons license, such as The Well of Deep Time contemplative practice and the forthcoming ‘Earth Stations’ document.


Can I buy bulk sets of the Deep Time Cards or Deep Time Line to use with participants or students?
Yes, we have discounts available for 10+ packs. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch and we can provide you with further information.