Earth History

Listen to a history of our living Earth.

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Listen to a history of our living Earth.

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Step back in time.

Experience Earth history like never before with the award-winning Deep Time Walk. Designed using appropriate technology by an experienced team of experts, the Deep Time Walk calculates your speed and distance as you journey through time, enabling you to learn about key evolutionary events as they occur across Earth’s 4.6bn year history and explore the geological impact of humans in the age of the Anthropocene.

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Field Kit

Deep Time Walk App

Deep Time Walk App

Walk a narrated history of our Earth. The dramatised Deep Time Walk can be experienced anywhere in the world. Walk 4.6km through 4.6bn years of Earth history, learn about key concepts from Earth’s evolution and experience a unique perspective of deep time. A transformative experience for iOS and Android.

Deep Time Cards

Deep Time Cards

Unpack a history of our Earth. These 58 beautifully illustrated cards enable anyone to learn about Earth history and gain a perspective of the immensity of deep time. With inspiring quotes, reference data and features to plan your own Deep Time Walk, each card provides a concise summary in 100-million-year time segments.

The Script

Deep Time Script

Read a testament of deep time. This limited-edition book of the narrative used in the Deep Time Walk App. Recommended for a Ted Hughes Award, ‘The Fool and the Scientist’ is written by award-winning playwright Peter Oswald and scientist Dr. Stephan Harding. Includes a glossary of 120+ specialised terms.

Creative Excellence

Designed by an experienced team of radio producers, professional actors, award-winning script writers and sprinkled with creative genius, the Deep Time Walk brings together excellence in science, the arts and appropriate technology to provide a unique experience of Earth history.

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News & Blog

James Lovelock

Earth scientist

The science which underpins the Deep Time Walk makes it an extremely valuable resource for holistic education and it deserves widespread adoption in schools and universities.

Mirian Vilela

Executive Director, Earth Charter International

“A wonderful educational instrument that encourages reflection on the connections between past, present and future”

Bruno Latour

Philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist

“A great poeticoscientific walk synced with narration. A masterpiece to get a sense of history.”


As a small social enterprise we have been supported by two successful crowdfunding rounds, the last being match-funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We are currently growing our partnership base to help foster wider understanding of deep time and to show humanity’s deep ancestral history and interconnectedness with all life.

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