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A history of the living Earth. The dramatised Deep Time Walk can be experienced anywhere. Walk 4.6km through 4.6bn years of Earth history, learn about key concepts from Earth’s evolution and experience a unique perspective of deep time. A transformative experience for iOS and Android.

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The Script

A testament to deep time. Limited-edition book of the narrative used in the Mobile Guide. Recommended for a Ted Hughes Award, ‘The Fool and the Scientist’ is written by award-winning playwright Peter Oswald and scientist Dr. Stephan Harding. Includes a glossary of 120+ specialised terms.

About the script


A record of Earth history. High-quality CD version of the Mobile Guide, available for those without smartphones. Directed by Sony Award winning producer Jeremy Mortimer and brought to life by Chipo Chung, Paul Hilton and Peter Marinker, with a soundscape designed by BBC engineer Jo Hutton.

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