Creative Excellence

Created by an experienced team of playwrights, scientists, professional actors, radio producers and designers, the Deep Time Walk combines expertise in science, the arts and appropriate technology to provide a unique experience of Earth history.

Grounded in the latest evidence from science, the Ted Hughes Award recommended script is written by Dr. Stephan Harding and Peter Oswald (ex Playwright in Residence at Shakespeare Globe, London). The audio is produced by Sony Award winning director Jeremy Mortimer (200 productions for BBC Radio 3/4), with the narrative brought to life by Chipo Chung (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Into the Badlands), Paul Hilton (Garrow’s Law, The Bill, Silent Witness) and Peter Marinker (Love Actually, Event Horizon, Judge Dredd).

The management team for Deep Time Walk C.I.C. social enterprise are Geoff Ainscow, Jon Rae and Robert Woodford, with Stephan Harding a board advisor.


Dr. Stephan Harding
Board Advisor and Co-Script Writer

“Savouring each moment of consciousness as Earth’s awareness through these eyes.”

Stephan is Coordinator of the MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College and has been the resident ecologist there since its inception. He has worked and taught alongside leading ecological thinkers, including Arne Naess, Fritjof Capra, David Abram, Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock (whom Stephan has collaborated scientifically). He holds a Phd in Behavioural Ecology (University of Oxford). He is author of Animate Earth; Science Intuition and Gaia (Green Books) and editor of Grow Small Think Beautiful: Ideas for a Sustainable World from Schumacher College, Floris Books.

Peter Marinker

Jon Rae

“One of the most powerful visceral experiences I have had relating to the story of our living planet.”

Jon Rae is dedicated to collaborations on biocultural approaches to human prosperity in a flourishing web of life. He is the UK commissioning editor for the employee-owned American publishing house, Chelsea Green. Alongside side publishing, Jon supports and consults on a range of learning and educational initiatives. Most recently, he led Schumacher College through to 2018, furthered its orientation to value and practice-based learning, and grew its international partnerships with liked-minded organisations, such as the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan and the Rural Reconstruction Movement in China, and with alumni across the world.

Robert Woodford
Product Director

“We are just a demi-semi-quaver within the symphonic sweep of deep time.”

Robert is responsible for outreach, product management and marketing for Deep Time Walk. He has worked in product marketing for over 15 years with Macromedia (Adobe) and Qualcomm, and now works on a range of initiatives bridging the areas of ecology, technology and music. His creative work is released through Opus Earth. He has a degree in music from Durham University, a MA Management from Durham Business School and a MA New Economics from Schumacher College (Plymouth University). He is currently studying Science and Religion at Edinburgh University.

Geoff Ainscow
Project Originator, Director

“We are one, one Earth, one Humanity, one Spirit.”

In 1968 Geoff sailed from his birthplace of Manchester to become embroiled in the technological and social new age revolution taking place in San Francisco. His life travelled on two tracks, one a daytime engineering and management career at HP in Silicon Valley and the other studying the human maturation process and the state of life on planet Earth. Both richly combined into a life of activism and teaching to spread the knowledge of how Earth works and what humans must do to bring about a sustainable, just and meaningful life. Explosive change best describes my life on Earth, from being born into WWII to a free life in California.

Jeremy Mortimer
Head of Audio

“Of all stories this is the one that concerns us most. How we came to be. Listen.”

Jeremy is a freelance director and producer working mainly for radio and theatre. He has produced and directed over 200 radio plays and features for BBC Radio. Recent productions include dramatisations of James Joyce’s Ulysses and Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Jeremy has twice won the Sony Award for Best Drama production, and won a Prix Italia in 2013.


Peter Oswald
Co-Script Writer

“Deep Time to me is the imagination, whose fossil record is our own bones. Science just like poetry can lead us into this.”

Playwright, poet and performer, Peter was Playwright-in-Residence for Shakespeare Globe (London) and has written plays that have been performed at the National Theatre (London), the West End and Broadway. He also writes narrative poems which are performed at places like the Folger Theatre in Washington DC, and the Hay Festival in UK.

Jo Langton
Sound Design

Jo works as a Studio Manager for BBC Arts and Music radio programmes and is a sound designer and electro-acoustic composer. She is a TECHNE funded PhD researcher at Surrey University, researching a history of women composers in electroacoustic music. She is a published writer of articles about electro-acoustic composers and was guest speaker at the Daphne Oram symposium, London South Bank centre and at the London Science museum. Her works have appeared at Tate Modern, Georgian House Museum, Museum of London and on Channel 4 Films.

Carlos Garcia
Programming Wizard

“We are but a breathe of the Earth’s life in the context of deep time.”

As a qualified engineer in Information Technology from the University of Valencia, Spain and a self-taught developer, Carlos is a passionate coder and has been writing code for various websites and mobile applications for more than eight years. He’s a sports fanatic, avid reader and, being a morning person, wakes early to meditate, before doing some sports.

Fred Adam
Art Lead (App)

“Everything is flowing, we are a drop in the ocean of space time, gratitude!”

At the age of 6, Fred had an unusual experience during medical treatment under the influence of morphine. “A very strange structure was spinning in front of my eyes, later I discovered that I was really looking, for the first time, at human skin through a microscope”. This triggered his lifelong interest in art and form. After completing an MA in Art he designed multimedia audiovisual interactive experiments, artistic workshops and online applications. He is a specialist in locative media creating apps and using mobile smart phones at GPS Museum and teaching in this area at various universities in Spain.

Paul Hilton

Paul has starred as “William Palmer” in the Pilgrim radio dramas on BBC Radio 4’s Afternoon Play series and appeared in TV programmes including Garrow’s Law (as freethinker Joseph Hamer), The Bill, Silent Witness, Wire in the Blood and Robin Hood, and has had regular character roles in True Dare Kiss (as Dennis Tyler) and Casualty 1909 (as Henry Percy Dean). Hilton also appeared in the film Klimt, which starred John Malkovich, and as Mr. Earnshaw Snr. in Andrea Arnold’s 2011 adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

Chipo Chung

Chipo trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and has appeared twice in Doctor Who, Sherlock, Casualty and Into the badlands. In 2017, Chung took on the role of Queen Dido in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Dido, Queen of Carthage by the playwright Christopher Marlowe.

Peter Marinker

Peter Marinker

Peter was performing Beckett’s poetry, in the west of Ireland for publisher, John Calder in 2002 when they decided to form The Godot Company. He played Vladimir in their production of Waiting for Godot, Mr. Rooney in All That Fall at BAC, A Piece of Monologue at the Traverse, Edinburgh. Film work includes Flight 93, Love Actually, Event Horizon, Judge Dredd, and The Emerald Forest. Other roles include: Hickey in O’Neil’s The Iceman Cometh, The Man in Edward Bond’s Have I None and Sleen in Howard Barker’s Early hours of a Reviled Man.

Extended Community

We would like to thank the extended community behind the Walk Through Time project, namely; Larry Edwards, Kat Snow, Michael Babel, Richard Wormstall and Raoul Schuhmacher, as well as Sergio Maraschin who co-created the Deep Time Walk with Stephan Harding whilst at Schumacher College.

We are most grateful to all those who have supported us during our two successful crowdfunding rounds, especially Heritage Lottery Fund and Renewal Foundation.