Global coordinated set of Deep Time Walks planned for Global Climate Strike week – will you join?

August 23, 2019

Global coordinated set of Deep Time Walks planned for Global Climate Strike week – will you join?

Biggest coordinated set of Deep Time Walk’s ever planned to coincide with the Global Climate Strike week. Walks being arranged in London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, Melbourne and California. Will you join us?

[update: Deep Time Walk’s are being led in places all over the world, including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea Sri Lanka, USA as well as in multiple locations in Brazil, England, France, Portugal and Scotland. It’s the largest ever set of Deep Time Walk’s and part of our community’s response to walk in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike. See our newsletter for more information.]

We are eager to let you know that we are arranging the biggest ever coordinated set of Deep Time Walk’s between September 20th– 27th 2019. These walks have been timed to coincide with the Global Climate Strike action planned at this time. They are our networks’ contribution to answer the call from the inspiring youth movements to join in collective action to focus attention on our Earth’s climate emergency.

At present walks are being arranged in Bath, Bristol, California, Edinburgh, London, Melbourne and Plymouth. However, we are seeking additional people to lead walks all across the world during this time. Will you join us and lead a walk in your area?

If you feel called to do this work, to support you in this endeavour we have created a briefing document which acts as a comprehensive resource to help with route planning, event management, marketing and recommendations to connect to other activist groups in your area. It also provides a number of recommendations with regards to group size, insurance, fees/donations, clothing as well providing templates and outlining our core principles of ‘all are welcome’ and non-violence.

To further help you train for leading a walk, we will be running a special free online webinar lead by Dr. Stephan Harding (Resident Ecologist, Schumacher College) and Robert Woodford (Deep Time Walk CIC) on September 12that 14.30-16.00 BST. As a special for those that lead a walk, we are offering 25% off both the Deep Time Cards – Deluxe Edition as well as the Deep Time Bundle to help you in your preparation.

With the Global Climate Strike week of action now just four weeks away, if you are interested, start thinking now about a suitable date, time and route for the walk in your local area. We look forward to working together as a collective, to help bring the important context of deep time to the Global Climate Strike week.

As Robert McFarlane states: Deep time provides “a radical perspective, provoking action not apathy … [it] is the catalysing context of intergenerational justice; it is what frames the inspiring activism of Greta Thunberg and the school climate-strikers, and the Sunrise campaigners pushing for a Green New Deal in America. A deep-time perspective requires us to consider not only how we will imagine the future, but how the future will imagine us. It asks a version of Jonas Salk’s arresting question: “Are we being good ancestors?”

In solidarity for our Earth and our children,

Robert Woodford
Director, Deep Time Walk