Deep Time Walk partners with Earth Charter International

May 30, 2018

Deep Time Walk partners with Earth Charter International

Partnership with Earth Charter International encourages walkers to sign Earth Charter and download Mapting.

As we approach 2018 World Environment Day, we are excited to announce a partnership with Earth Charter International.

Commenting on the partnership, Mirian Vilela, Executive Director, Earth Charter International, stated that: “The Deep Time Walk helps give meaning to our life and our close connection with the living world. It is a wonderful educational instrument that encourages reflection on the connections between past, present and future. A partnership between the Earth Charter International and Deep Time Walk, especially linking it to Mapting, is natural and reinforces our efforts. We are excited to collaborate with this project as it is very much aligned with the Earth Charter vision.”

This partnership empowers the two organisations to collaborate in a number of ways. Initially, the Deep Time Walk app will recommend people sign the Earth Charter when completing the walk. It will also suggest users download the Mapting app from Earth Charter International to encourage the adoption of positive actions that are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

The Mapting app from Earth Charter International enables users to share with others the activities and projects they are involved in with, encouraging the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Earth Charter Principles. These activities align with Earth Charter Principle 7: “Adopt patterns of production, consumption and reproduction that safeguard Earth’s regenerative capacities, human rights and community well-being.” and SDG 12 to “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.” Download the Mapting app and find out more about the Earth Charter.

The Deep Time Walk enables users to enter a deep experience by walking through a dramatised history of the living Earth. Sensitively designed using appropriate technology, the app encourages a shift away from the smartphone screen to instead connect with the natural world around you via an augmented audio narrative. Walk through 4.6 billion years of earth history, learn about humanity’s ancestral heritage with all life, experience what you are a part of and comprehend our geological impact.

Robert Woodford, Marketing Director for Deep Time Walk: “Having been a signatory of the Earth Charter since our formation, Deep Time Walk C.I.C. is excited about this new collaboration with Earth Charter International and we look forward to further collaboration between the organisations.”