Deep Time Walk wins Best Mobile App Award for design

August 21, 2017

Deep Time Walk wins Best Mobile App Award for design

Following the nomination of the Deep Time Walk script for the Ted Hughes Poetry Award earlier in the year, we are pleased to let you know that the Deep Time Walk App won the Best Mobile App award for design! Thanks to all who voted for this earlier in the year.

These awards are entered into by some large companies (such as Adobe and Microsoft) so winning this award is a wonderful endorsement for the Deep Time Walk and reflects the unique design of the app to enable a history of the living earth to be told in audio form across space and time.

As those who have used the app know, the narrator for the experience requests the user put the smartphone in their pocket when walking. This is done specifically to keep focus on and presence in the place around you. As such, we designed the app to use technology not as a barrier to being in the natural world, but providing an augmented audio experience to encourage wonder and awe.

If you haven’t yet purchased the app, we encourage you to support this project by downloading the app to your smartphone and experience the Deep Time Walk for yourself.

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