Deep Time Walk live at Edinburgh International Science Festival

February 7, 2018

Deep Time Walk live at Edinburgh International Science Festival

Deep Time Walk C.I.C. partners with the Edinburgh Geological Society to bring the Deep Time Walk to the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

In partnership with the Edinburgh Geological Society, we have announced that the ground-breaking Deep Time Walk Mobile Guide – which brings to life Earth’s 4.6-billion-year history – will be performed live at the Edinburgh International Science Festival this April.

During the six performances, which run from Thursday 5th April to Saturday 7th April, actors portraying the characters of the Scientist and the Fool will perform a live, dramatised story of Earth’s formation, entertaining the audience as they traverse 4.6km around Arthurs Seat in central Edinburgh.

The 2-hour walk starts with the accretion of the Earth and goes on to cover some of the significant events in Earth’s history, including the formation of the moon, plate tectonics, the early evolution of life, The Great Oxidation, mass extinctions, dinosaurs and much more – including the arrival of modern humans during the last few centimetres. By walking across Earth’s geological timeline – with every metre of the walk representing a million years – the audience will gain a vivid perspective of the planet’s immense age.

The live performance is based on the Deep Time Walk Mobile Guide, the world’s first interactive experience of its kind. This allows people to take a 4.6-kilometre walk ­– anywhere in the world – to learn and experience a detailed, dramatized journey of Earth’s History, from the planet’s formation to the present day. The easy to use, beautifully designed and educational experience can be downloaded onto a mobile phone, which can be then left in a pocket so that walkers connect with the natural world as part of the immersive audio experience.

“The Deep Time Walk is about creating a sense of awe and wonder for our Earth. By demonstrating our deep ancestral heritage with all life – and that all human history has unfolded in the blink of a geological eye – we want to inspire more people to take care of this special place we all call home” said Deep Time Walk Marketing Director, Robert Woodford.

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