Tactile ‘Deep Time Cards – Advanced Edition’ now available to learn about Earth history

July 4, 2019

Tactile ‘Deep Time Cards – Advanced Edition’ now available to learn about Earth history

58 beautifully illustrated cards, giving 4.6 billion years of Earth history in a tactile, easy to use format. Each card provides a 100-million-year summary of the key transitions that have occurred across Earth’s deep history, with associated reference data and inspiring quotes.

Deep Time Walk C.I.C. are excited to announce the general availability of the new Deep Time Cards – Advanced Edition which are designed to empower anyone to learn about Earth history and gain a perspective of the immensity of deep time.

The Deep Time Cards provide a 4.6-billion-year chronological history of Earth, with each card providing a summary of events as they occur in 100-million-year time segments. Using the cards, you are able to learn about Earth’s key evolutionary leaps including the development of life, photosynthesis, the evolution of eukaryotic cells, multicellular life, The Cambrian Explosion, first plants, dinosaurs and much more.

They put into context the destructive impact humans are now having on the integral functioning of our living Earth and encourage positive action and active hope in the midst of the collective challenges we face.

Kate Raworth, the author of Donut Economics, who recently contributed to “This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook” and lectures at Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University comments: “Sometimes the biggest ideas arrive in the smallest packets – so if you want to hold the span of space and time in your hands, these beautiful, mind-stretching Deep Time Cards will show you the way.”

The cards have been endorsed by a number of prominent people including Professor Iain Stewart, currently UNESCO Chair in Geoscience and Society and Director of the Sustainable Earth Institute, Plymouth University who states “What a gem! A powerful scientific and geopoetic evocation of how humanity is woven into the fabric of Earth’s remarkable past. Fascinating and humbling in equal measure.”

The cards feature inspiring quotes from luminaries such as Charles Darwin, John Muir and Rachel Carson as well as stunning specially licensed artworks from leading paleoartists including Dr. Mark Witton, Sam Falconer, Richard Bizley and Henning Dalhoff. They also include plate tectonic illustrations from the last 800 million years using imagery from renowed geologist and paleogeographer Dr. Christopher Scotese.

Additional features include:-

  • Comprehend scale: Get a sense of the scale of Earth’s 4.6 billion year history. When done
    as a 4.6km Deep Time Walk, all of human history is represented in just the last 20cm. An
    included 10cm ruler illustrates the evolution of human culture over the last 100,000 years.
  • Illustrated timeline: Review the high-level graphical timeline card which provides an
    overview of the major transitions across Earth’s 4.6bn year history.
  • Plan Deep Time Walks: Plan and lead your own 4.6km Deep Time Walks with features including thematic suits, suggestions for stopping points, km distance travelled and suggestions/resources for group facilitation.
  • NASA imagery of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot and Earthrise, with accompanying text and poetry by Drew Dellinger.
  • Additional data enabling you to track the distance of the moon from the earth, sun luminosity and day length as they change over deep time.
  • A card outlining the living Earth as a non-linear set of interacting systems, with an overview of the Stockholm Resilience Centre Planetary Boundaries framework.

The cards are available from major attractions such as Eden Project and Dynamic Earth as well as from our online store for £19.99.

The cards compliment the other experiential and educational resources that the Deep Time Walk C.I.C. has made available to help people gain a better understanding of our rich ancestral heritage and humanity’s interconnection with the wider web of life. These include the Deep Time Walk App for iOS and Android, which has been endorsed by Bruno Latour, James Lovelock, David Abram and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

For more information on the cards, including additional endorsements from Professor Arran Stibbe, Professor Christopher Scotese and environmental activist Satish Kumar, please visit the Deep Time Cards product page.