James Lovelock endorses Deep Time Walk

November 28, 2017

James Lovelock endorses Deep Time Walk

We are pleased to have an endorsement for the Deep Time Walk project from the well known scientist James Lovelock. On talking with Stephan Harding, our Science Director, he commented how impressed he was with the Deep Time Walk.

“As the originator of the Gaia hypothesis, I can vouch from personal experience that the Deep Time Walk enables you to connect to the life of our planet from her ancient origins until now by integrating your reasoning and intuition with the health-giving, bodily act of simply walking.

Everyone should download this innovative tool for connecting with Gaia’s deep history and for comprehending the profound interactions amongst our living Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, rocks and waters.

The science which underpins the Deep Time Walk makes it an extremely valuable resource for holistic education and it deserves widespread adoption in schools and universities.”

We would like to thank James Lovelock for profoundly inspiring our work and for his kind words in endorsing the Deep Time Walk. For more information on the work of James Lovelock, visit his personal website which has a collection of scientific papers and numerous resources.